My go-to Vanilla Cupcake Recipe πŸŽ‚

This recipe belong to Purple Cupcakes and you can find the original here.
Just wanted to throw that out there before it gets pointed out.
This year I've used this recipe to make all my cupcakes and also to make 1 layer of a 9¾ tin, when making a big cake and so far, I've had no complaints.
I made some more this past week for my beloved mothers 60th birthday, and it was kinda hard to get them done as a surprise, when she likes to be a commentator when you're baking and to help when she can. She's also chief coffee maker when I'm baking too.

You'll Need:
12, Deep Holed Tin.
12, Cupcake Cases

For the cupcakes I used:
150g Stork
150g Caster Sugar
150g Self Raising Flour
3 Large-ish Eggs
1tsp Vanilla extract.

For the Icing:
500g Icing Sugar
250g Stork
1tsp Vanilla Extract
Milk Optional (but I use it personally.)

For the full recipe, click the link at the top of the post so that I don't miss anything or tell you wrong...
I really wanted to take an A* picture but the lighting in the kitchen is awful in day time, never mind in the evening with extra people in there.
I made the cakes and while they were cooling created white fondant disks which I used a diamond template on to make it look quilted and where the diamonds met, inserted a pearl ball.

For out beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday we used sparklers but for image purposes we had candles and it made her cry which is nice, in a weird way. She was also very shaky by the end of it because I'd actually been quiet while baking... so it was a nice, big surprise.

 I'm going to go and grab one now for breakfast πŸŽ‚

Pure Pet Food. Good Enough For Me to Eat. πŸΎπŸ•* Contains Competition

I remember the day like yesterday when myself and my then boyfriend decided we'd get a dog.
I remember BOTH sets of parents saying, "He stays outside, and you get a kennel."
We love reminding them of those two of those rules when they're letting Snoopy call the shots, sleep in the house and get doted on hand and foot.
Needless to say he's not 'a dog,' he's our baby even if some people can't understand it. He's treated like a prince even if me and his human dad have broken up, we still both have him.
In recent weeks I've been considering my intollerences and how in the new year I'd like to make my diet better and healthier to my needs. However it wasn't until Snoopy became ill last month that I really started to think more about his food, what he eats and what he needs.

 He's heading for 10-years-old next May. He's no puppy, but he still has a lot of spring in him. (He's a springer) When he becomes ill I turn in to the overbearing 'mother' trying to guess what the heck is wrong with him because clearly he can't talk. One thing I had noticed was how he'd become more fussy over his food and how different he reacts to certain brands.

This lead me in to the natural dog food world. I mean, if my dietry needs change, so can an animals. And if it's unhealthy for us to eat processed foods all the time, why is it acceptable to feed your beloved pets with it? To me an animal isn't just an animal.

When Pure Pet Food offered to send me some food for Snoopy I couldn't say no because after reading their story I am completely in love with the brand. I mean, why would you feed them something you wouldn't eat yourself?

Between me and little man we decided on trying the chicken chunk. The ingrediants are super simple, containing 30% chicken, 5% egg, carrott, sweet potato, parsnip, spinach, coconut & added minerals. Nothing in that list screams additives or nastys, as pure put them. It's something I could plate up for myself and eat.
The steps are as simple as 1. 2. 3.
1. Add the dry food to the bowl.
2. Add the water to the bowl and leave to rehydrate for 5-10 minutes.
3. Serve.
So simple that it would make camping better without lugging tins about for him too and when you're out and about for the day.

I started Snoopy on it one Saturday. I began with 3 scoops of food to 4 scoops of water. He had that twice in one day.
The Sunday I did the same but included some biscuits in it too.
 I'll be honest when I say i'm not always there when he's with us at feeding time due to work so but I have seen him and I noticed the difference in his interest. Normally he sniffs it then checks the humans aren't eating anything first and then starts on his. But with Pure Pet Food he nose was straight in the bowl. My dad even shouted to me asking what what all the scratching... it was snoopy dragging his bowl across the skirting trying to get EVERY LAST DROP.

Be sure to check out the competition below for a free months supply (closes November 15th). Or if you don't want to wait you can click here and get 40% off a starter pack, with free p&p.

November BuJo Spread

I've yet to find pens and ink that doesn't ghost through my pages BUT I'm happy with how November turned out. It isn't as artistic or as colourful as I wanted it to but I'm happy it's done and hopefully functional.
I wanted my title page to be a mix of autumn and winter by reflecting on the dark leaves and colder weather.
One of the new additions to my bujo is the monthly spread which I hope to use to plan blog posts. with so many blogs in the works I want to see at a glance what's going live and when and also prepping what's going to happen in blog world.

I've also included logs this month. Chores to keep on top of 'house work' and keep my space clear and clean as much as possible to help my brain get on track.
Self Care is something else I really need to make more time to do. Taking care of myself is normally bottom of the list so having something visual to fill in may just kick start my ass in to looking after No1.
Sleep is one of the things I've really struggled with and I'm trying to get on top of it by monitoring how much I'm getting and when I'm getting to sleep. Doing as much as possible to help with it.

The last new additions is a brain dump page because I want a messy brain page to filter out everything in my head. A social page for my main blog to keep track of the hits and stats and orders for online because I literally order so much stuff..

My weeks spread is now 2 pages instead of one and yes it's mess but I left it until the weekend before November and found myself rushing and using an ink pad that needed time to dry. I've not got to town on decorating but I'm giving it time and maybe grabbing it at night in bed and doodling then.
Next Month I won't leave it so late. I want to take my time and get it perfect-ish.

Fall Lipstick Loves πŸ’„

Other than the world turning a gorgeous canvas of golden brown I ♥ that the make-up gets darker as your skin gets lighter. The contrast in colouring is beautiful compared to the summer months.

Over the past few years I have become obsessed with lipsticks and been more adventurous with glosses. Trying with everything in me to not just stick with simple nude/pink shades. I'll admit that I still tend to reach for them but on the days I feel amazing I like to have a shade that pops.

I've gone through my small collection and found my top 6 shades for fall.

In the top image the 3 shades are from Avon.  Untamed Heart | Power Plum | Oxford Wine. Looking at this post though the camera didn't catch the true colours of these and is completely missing the purple tints.

The bottom is a mix of brands, Illamasqua in Buff | Essence #21 | Topshop The Damned.

In Fall I love to get out the warmer, richer shades of browns, purple and berry. The brown shades become darker than any other time of the year so far and the purples add a gorgeous, classy but Gothic look. It's also a good shade to transition to richer reds for winter and Christmas.

What's your fav, Autumn/Fall lipstick shade to grab? Let me know in the comments below :)